How to check reliable safety playground information?

안전놀이터 means a site operated by setting safety as the top priority in operating the site.It is also commonly referred to as a safety playground or a safety park.

Even if the operating period is relatively short, it means the Toto site operated to provide a safe site environment to members.|

In recent years, there are many members who are looking for a safe playground due to frequent eat-and-run accidents,

so most of the private Toto sites have a safe playground format.

After that, the operating period will be extended and various events and benefits will be provided, and it will be reborn as a major site.

Private Toto sites have low fees. Domestic Toto sites pay only 81% of the winnings, and private Toto sites pay up to 90-96% of the winnings. For example,

if you win 1 million won, the domestic Toto site pays 810,000 won,

and the private Toto site pays 940,000 won. That’s 96 million won. If the amount is small, let’s take the example of 10 million won again. When a prize of 10 million won arises, domestic Toto sites pay 81 million won, and private Toto sites

pay between 90 million won and 96 million won. I simply gave an example based on 1 million won and 10 million won, but the more you bundle multiple dividend matches, the higher the winnings will inevitably cause losses.

The Toto site is operated through the loss amount of its members to the last. Providing excessive events means that they will operate the site while taking their losses into account. No site management will say that this method is right.