How to choose a verification site in 2023

There are also a very large number of scam communities먹튀검증 pretending to be well-known scam verification companies. It has been operating for several years,

promoting and reassuring that there is a deposit that has not been deposited through impersonation of the trust received from members, and then giving damage to innocent members.

Therefore, in order for members to check whether the food and run verification company is a proper verification company and to use a safe guarantee company,

If you check the name and address of the eating and running verification company, you can prevent secondary damage.

Please make sure to check the picture of proof of receipt of the deposit that can be confirmed by the eating and running verification company,

and search Google for the name of the guarantee company + eating and running,

Check whether the date of creation of the domain address of the Toto site through whois is up-to-date or not, and if you are doing a suspicious event, be sufficiently suspicious

Because it is worth trying, members can also sign up through

a simple method without exposing valuable personal information before joining the Toto site.

​We recommend that you try a simple but quick self-eating check.


Currently, there are numerous eat-and-run verification companies that have maintained their position as a food and run verification

company for a long time, such as food and drink police and food hunter Sureman.

Among them, there are also verification companies that share wrong eating and running verification information,

and that are holding hands with eating and running sites and promoting them, causing damage to members.

Sharing eating and running sites, reporting and reporting damages to eating and running, etc.

There is an eating and running verification company. We hope you enjoy the Sports Toto culture by utilizing

Toto sites that have been verified through Toto verification companies and

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